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Learn more about the family you never knew you had.
We help you to learn more about that history, to find your ancestors without whom you wouldn’t be here.

Using contemporary records which recorded the lives of your ancestors from the 16th century, we help you to learn more about the family you never knew you had. Your family history is your heritage.

We Start With What You Know

We take the time to listen, research and help you document your family history for you and future generations to enjoy.

Knowledge and your family stories are a starting point which can help us find more about your roots. We’ll work with them, and all the tools available to trace your heritage and answer some of those questions your family have asked for generations.
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What our clients say

  • Grateful Thanks

    Wendy K

    I am so thankful for stumbling across your site and I am even more grateful to you for all the work you’ve done. I have tried for years yet would hit a dead end every time.”

    Graham T

    Many thanks for the wonderful job you did in compiling the genealogies of some of the characters mentioned in my father's memoir.

    David K

    “What a relief to have your help and guidance. We simply didn’t know what to do with all those photographs and the family papers. Now we know everything is safe and easy to find for all our family. Thank you.”
  • Taylor

    Taylor Family

    “Thank you! We’re so pleased with our new family web site. We now have a personal space where we can exchange all our family events with our grandchildren in Canada.”

    Clements Family

    “We’re so glad we got started with Your Online Heritage .. so many things we did not know about our family, their achievements and hardships. And now we have something the whole family can enjoy and add to.”